Collecting For Damages From A Fight

Collecting payments on damages might be tough under certain circumstances. Some type of damages are almost impossible to collect as outlined in the real life examples below. Even though the following damage costs are in the thousands of dollars, collection remains doubtful; seeking justice and getting compensation is almost impossible. This account was recently given to me by an Uber driver.

It was Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. He said that he picked up a couple of guys from the Iron Bar in Morristown, NJ after they were thrown out by the bouncers of that club over a fight. When the driver arrived, there was an ambulance, cops and two guys standing by a wall outside the club needing a ride.

Of course the talked about everything in the Uber car. They got into an argument and ganged up on the guy punching and kicking him while he was on the ground. Maybe the guy they beat up was a Trump supporter. The victim of their rage was bloodied by sucker punches from both attackers. They were self-satisfied by the hurt they put on him. He was knocked to the ground according to their graphic rendition of what took place. An ambulance had to be called.

The passengers in the Uber told each other they were not worried since the cops could not press any charges since they (the cops) were not in the club. The chance of them looking through all the cameras and piecing together evidence about what happened would likely never take place. Anyhow, all they had to do is to stick to the story that the other guy threw the first punch and no one would be the wiser.

It reminded me of my brother who was caught in a similar situation when he interrupted an altercation and was punched out by a group of thugs and had his head kicked at. He told me they were kicking it as if trying to make field goals. The cops were called. When the cops came they took my brother to the hospital. His jaw was broken in 3 places.

My brother had his jaw wired shut, couldn’t talk for 3 weeks. His only nourishment was drinking through a straw. The cops never arrested anyone. The cops just let culprits go their way. No names were even taken.

It cost my brother many thousands in time lost from work (he worked as a carpenter and only got paid when he worked, didn’t have a “cush” job) to say nothing about the medical expenses.

Personally, I would rather be defrauded for a few thousands of dollars than to experience life through such scenarios. If you’re defrauded, you can collect evidence, go to small claims and make your case. With evidence, you’ll be awarded a judgment in your favor.

To get compensated one has to pursue collections on the judgment or hire someone like a Judgment Specialist Agency to collect on the debt.  The court does not collect for you. A good investment for a DIY (do-it-yourselfer) on using ALL the angles to collect on a judgment is to go to the link and site mentioned on the upper right of this page.

Unless you’re an MMA fighter, the legal system turns a blind eye to certain types of damages. I hope what happened above never happens to you. The system often turns a blind eye towards violence.

Some of the people you meet throw tantrums to prove their existence. Some are here to try to contribute and are here to try to help.

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