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Judgment Recovery Business Opportunity To Help Victims

Judgment recovery is the process of collecting money from debtors. The debtor has been commended to pay a creditor by a court. Our Judgment Recovery Course can uncover hidden assets in order to recover the debt that is owed OR to use to earn a good living enforcing court money judgments. This is a complete course. In most cases, judgments […]

Collecting For Damages From A Fight

Collecting payments on damages might be tough under certain circumstances. Some type of damages are almost impossible to collect as outlined in the real life examples below. Even though the following damage costs are in the thousands of dollars, collection remains doubtful; seeking justice and getting compensation is almost impossible. This account was recently given […]

Small Claims and Judgment Recovery Business

Small claims and judgment recovery is a business that keeps profitably repeating, month after month, year after year. It’s based on a simple to follow system that produces a steady stream of results for which the entrepreneur behind the effort gets rewarded. The training is not expensive. The price under $50.00. There are no add […]

The Judgment Recovery Specialist Business

Retain 50% Of Recovered Money As a judgment recovery specialist, you get to retain a percentage of the recovered money. The top three methods for recovering money is: File a bank levy for cash accounts. File a lien of a debtor’s property. Wage garnishment. The main takeaway is not to waste your time pursuing debtors […]