How To Collect a Judgment for Yourself or as a Home Business
High-Income Business Opportunity Potential!

In a lawsuit instituted by yourself, the plaintiff, the charges are against a defendant to collect damages.

The lawsuit is for damages. A judgment for a restitution amount is rewarded to the plaintiff if the defendant loses the case. When the defendant loses their case they are order by the court to pay a certain amount to the plaintiff.

Since the court has no further responsibilities other than deciding a case –  THEY DO NOT ENFORCE DEBT COLLECTION.

To enforce collection, a plaintiff needs to either pursue collection themselves or hire a debt collection agency  or learn from our step-by-step, do-it-yourself course. 

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Professional Judgment Debt Recovery &
Civil Judgment Processing Course

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Locating Assets And People
Contacts, Agreements, And Assignments (Filings)
Summary Small Claims Court vs. Civil Judgments
Asset Recovery Methods
Organizing Your Research
Your Research For Locating People
Your Research For Locating Assets
Your Marketing Letters And Forms To Stand Out
Managing Your Cases – Client Interaction and Negotiations
Fee Negotiation, Contracts, Agreements And Assignments (Forms)
Researching Case Files At The Courthouse
Post-Judgment Recovery of Interest and Expenses For Extra Earnings
Business Aspects Of Judgment Recovery
Getting Work Marketing Plan
Understanding Negotiations with the Debtor
Selecting a Case For That Extra Edge You Need To Win
Collection Technicalities, Recovering Assignment Costs
Glossary of Terms and Tools

 If you’re serious about either collection on a judgment or getting into a no-lose side business you can work from home judgment recovery and small claims processing is a legit business. This Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course will make you money, is scalable, and can ultimately multiply your income. Video Training Included

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After a bit of training, part-time should earn $5,000 a month. Full-time should be in the $ 10,000-month neighborhood.

Regarding leads for this business, there are more judgment claims from the courthouse than any one person could process. It offers the potential for a lucrative full-time income although it can be worked on a part-time basis.

As a business, after acquiring leads, by patiently following the daily setup rules and following through sequence, results will happen. It’s a statistical game. When you do your part, you will collect about 50% to 60% of your cases.

For example, in this debt collection service, when you send out 100 solicitation letters to civil judgment holders, you’ll likely wind up with 30 to 35 clients for your civil debt collection recovery cases.

If you keep the ball rolling and have, say 20 clients a month. At a 50 percent recovery rate for those 20 clients, you’re looking at a judgment debt recovery of 10 case wins. 

When the winning debt collection payout was $2,000 dollars for those 10 wins, at a 50% split, you’re looking at $10,000 in earnings. We show you how to start this debt collection business by sending out your first 100 letters.

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Professional Judgment Debt Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course
For One Payment of Just $49

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