The Judgment Recovery Specialist Business

Retain 50% Of Recovered Money

As a judgment recovery specialist, you get to retain a percentage of the recovered money. The top three methods for recovering money is:

  1. File a bank levy for cash accounts.
  2. File a lien of a debtor’s property.
  3. Wage garnishment.

The main takeaway is not to waste your time pursuing debtors who have no assets. Nor should you wait for someone in the poorhouse to find a job. Identifying assets quickly is key, so go where the money is. Those assets could be a vehicle, marine, aircraft, equipment or other personal property. You’re collection success becomes based on the savvy to choose worthwhile cases.

Make Money As You Learn

This is a business you can start from your kitchen table. Most have no idea on how to collect the money that is owed them after the court awards them a judgment. 80% walk away from the money that is owed them without collecting. They can easily become your customer.

There are thousands of cases every day. You collect and keep 50% of what you collect. You’ll never run out of clients.

Make money as your learn to build and work it. It can be done at your own pace, in the peace and comfort of your own home. You’ll be provided with the tools and education to become successful as a judgment recovery expert. It has the potential to be a 6 figure business.

The Training Process

You’ll get trained to:

  • Locate unsatisfied judicial judgments
  • Easily have the judgment transferred to your power for collection
  • How to locate or “skip trace” the debtor
  • How to locate and uncover all assets of the debtor
  • How to use the court system to enforce collection

This is completely legal. You’ll be legally assigned the power to collect the judgment and be shown how to legally present yourself in the enforcement process. You’ll be shown all the legal remedies at your disposal.

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