Small Claims and Judgment Recovery Business

Small claims and judgment recovery is a business that keeps profitably repeating, month after month, year after year. It’s based on a simple to follow system that produces a steady stream of results for which the entrepreneur behind the effort gets rewarded.

The training is not expensive. The price under $50.00. There are no add on frills or upsells. They do not want to take advantage of your good intentions to start a business or even to recover your own judgment. NOTE: whatever your intention might be, it is affordable.

The Judgment and Small Claims Guidebook

This  guidebook shows you how to find you ideal customer so you’ll have a high percentage of closures. You could expect about a 30 percent response rate with the letters you’ll send out. We supply you with a template that can be customized to your liking.

You’ll find customer’s eager to get closure for the money that is owed them and they will want to take advantage of your services. You’ll have contracts and assigned agreements that puts you in the position to take charge, to stay organized and stay on track.

The Internet of Things and The Judgment and Small Claims

There is an abundance of information on the Internet and much work can be done working from your computer. There is no need to contact anyone on a face to face level. It’s all done by mail. You don’t’ have to contact the debtor since filling out and filing papers with the court system handles that aspect. Filling out fill-in-the-blank forms, filing them with the court are powerful methods to use effectively.

Court systems are more and more processing online to streamline their information and making more easily available to any eyes that need access. These steps are a cost savings to the court in their efforts to modernize and streamline and process information.

Finding Debtors and Connecting The Dots

Skip tracing or locating debtors and their assets is what makes this business profitable. The training teaches one how to locate these debtors, where they work, their assets and unlocks the judgment recovery door. Using a step by step guide paves the steps to work this business.

One powerful legal method such as garnishments is an effective way to repatriate the funds from the debtor. You’ll be show how to use these methods effectively which can result in your time earning to accelerate to $100/hour or more.

Bottom line, you won’t become a millionaire using this system unless that you develop an organization and have others work for you. But, if you invest your time and effort, you can be rewarded in the neighborhood of $100 and hour. Check out Judgment Recovery Specialist Business

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