You won your judgment claim in court! Fantastic! You waited a month and no check come in the mail so your call the county clerk. You hear that the court does not enforce collections. What do you do?

How do you impose a judgment from the court?

Judgment Collection Course With a Guarantee

First, I suggest you avail yourself of an inexpensive professional how to manual. We offer such a one on this site. It cost are minimal and it has all the forms and procedures that will almost guarantee payment recovery. That course offers a money back guarantee that way there’s no money out of pocket. Why go through a long learning curve? All you need to do is follow some basic step-by-step instructions to get the job done?

Here you have two choices if the defendant does not pay. Accumulate the judgment yourself or hire a collection agency to do it for you.

A judgement is an official decision from a court of law, you have the right to pursue the money award. There are several options available to enable payment.

You, the plaintiff, may be able to have the judgement debtor’s wages garnished. They cab have a lien placed on that debtor’s property or if a business, on their commercial property. Items from their home or property might be confiscated and sold at a public sheriff’s auction to satisfy the judgment.

Seizing cash from the debtor’s bank account is known as a bank levy. With information of a debtors checking account, account name and the name of the financial institution for a reliable money transfer, the game is on. When a levy is provided, that bank account assets are placed on a frozen status. That individual is not able to access any money in their account until the financial debt has been repaid.

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Wage garnishment are another story. Taking a portion of the borrower’s incomes to collect your judgment is a wage garnishment and is a little more involved. To learn even more about the treatments in your location, visit your state’s Division of Labor web site.

For extra help, follow the instruction in the Small Claims Process – Judgment Recovery Course (click the link for “Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Collections Course” on the top of this page). As a course of action, you can provide the constable or imposing officer info concerning where the judgment borrower operates. Now you can order to launch that garnishment.

There is the property lien factor. This lien on the judgment debtor blocks them from selling or re-financing their residential or commercial property. Normally, to launch this process you register your judgment with the land records. That office should be located in the county where the real estate lies.

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