First one needs to find and name the defendant.  One needs the name and address. If it’s a business you’ll need to identify the owners and their registered agent. The registered agent is the one who is responsible for accepting legal papers for that establishment.

After filling out the necessary court forms, one has the right to take someone to small claims court to recover financial setbacks. This allows one to reclaim a loss without the need for expensive attorneys, although one has the right to use those kinds of expensive mouth pieces.

The process begins when you file the compliant at the courthouse and the complaint will be served. There will be a filing fee and the court sets a date for the case to be heard.

Every state is different as to the maximum amount one can address the small claims court for judgment. One needs to check their state for that maximum amount. For instance, in New Jersey visit:  where the filing fees and stipulations are laid out.

Small Claims Court

One needs to present the evidence and any documentation that proves their case for what happened.  Agreements, invoices, sales receipts, work done or neglected evidence needs can be presented for clarification for the plaintiffs claim.  If the court decides in favor of the plaintiff, it means that they court is ordering the defendant to pay a specific amount.   

Small Claims Recovery

When one wins a small claims judgment, it does not mean that the person will pay. That responsibility is left to the plaintiff who now is in possession of a court ordered judgment. The court only offers a decision; it’s not a collection agency.

One can hire an attorney to collect or a collection agency. Small claims collection agencies will charge a fifty percent fee for those fund recovered.

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