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So, you found yourself having been hurt in a financial transaction by Fred. Fast Fred sold you an almost new home heating boiler for $4,000. After your boiler mechanic installed the boiler, he found that the interior steel casings were cracked and leaking water. It was a total loss. When you asked for your money back plus the boiler mechanic fee, Fast Fred all but vanishes. After filling out a lot of paperwork, you take him to civil court and win a $5,000 judgment.

You’ve sent a letter to Fast Fred asking for a refund, emailed him and expected to see a reimbursement. Months pass but nothing from Fred. Finally you call the court clerk asking them what they can do. You get the news that the court does not enforce collection. That’s entirely left up to you!

What Is A Civil Judgement?

You read that with a judgment you can size residential or industrial property, impose a judgement lien where they cannot sell their property and you collect interest on the unpaid debt owed to you. That person or corporation can’t refinance the property without resolving the lien. You learn that you could even garnish his wages. But exactly HOW do you go about getting reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses?

Quite possibly, you’re contacted by a civil judgment collection agency but they want 50% of the recovered monies as their cut for getting results. That’s a good business for them but not sounding good for anyone in your position unless they are out of towners or don’t have another way of resolving that crisis within their grasp.

Luckily you heard of an inexpensive Judgement Collection Course that walks you step-by-step to getting paid, same as a professional would do it. It even has all the fill in the blank letters and forms needed to get the job done.

Civil Judgement Collection Recovery Course

You find the site that sells the complete course is crazy inexpensive and it’s 100% guaranteed. For any reason you’re not satisfied, you get your money back. There even is video training included that makes winning judgment award understandable on a more visual level.

Winning judgments is a lot less complicated than collecting them which is the motivation for offering a professional course in laymen’s terms that anyone can utilize. That training is so professional and complete that one can use it for beginning their own civil judgment collection business if they so choose.

You cannot garnish somebody’s wages, if you do not know where they work. The course shows you how to gain that information. Beyond sizing incomes or freezing that debtors savings account you’re going to need their bank information. Again, the course delivers those instructions and forms needed to gain that institutional bank information.

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Recover That Civil Judgment

Since, as a plaintiff, you have skin in the game due to the money lost to Fast Fred like characters.  If you have a how to do it course at your fingertips, you’ll know exactly how to proceed to fully collect your civil judgement.  You’ll not have to fund a third-party collection agency for 50% of the proceeds. Besides, the course is 100% guaranteed or your money back and that recourse is always available at a later date.

Realize that you have 10 years to collect that money, but why wait? You can begin by doing a civil judgment search for whatever information you need to pursue your legal judgment recovery rights using the forms within the course.

Collect A Civil Judgment Side Business

After you retrieve your judgment, you might even choose to go to the courthouse or online and try to acquire a few customers and help them out as a side project. 99% of people have no idea how to get this done.

 After all, getting into the professional judgement recovery business is virtually free. It’s said to be a $50,000 per year part time opportunity where you can work from home with flexible hours. You’ll not have to personally have face to face with the client. All you’ll need to do is fill out simple forms and doe some database research. Getting unlimited numbers of leads is completely free – it’s public record.

This gig is about enforcing a court-ordered judgment. In this business, the plaintiff who won the judgment will assign their rights and title to the judgment over to you where you’ll charge 40% to 50% for your recovery abilities.

When you collect the money, which includes interest and expenses above and beyond collecting those funds, you hand over to the plaintiff client his percentage share. Click the link on top of this page: Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Collections Course for a life changing overview or click below:

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