Enforcing a judgment all depends on who you’re enforcing a judgment on. Is a college student or someone living a bare bones existence or someone who has an income and resources? Nevertheless, enforcing a judgment requires preplanned steps and necessary forms to ensure collection proceeds in a satisfactory manner.

Most people receiving a court judgment comply but many ignore that notification and do not pay. The rub is that the court does not enforce collection. Once the verdict is reached in favor of the defendant, it’s hands off. The defendant is now in charge of collection. 

enforce a judgment

Judgment Enforcement Solutions

No doubt, after on receives a judgment, it become public record and one will be notified by a judgment collection agency saying that they will recover your judgment on your behalf.  The only problem is they want 50% to do that.

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No one in the court is going to advise you concerning the best collection methods or lead you by the hand. It’s left up to the defendant to move the case forward for collection recovery.

How Difficult Is It To Collect A Judgment

There are various avenues to pursue to collect a judgment. One can garnish wages from the defendant’s employer.  A Motion for Issuance of Garnishee After Judgment is a form, you’ll fill out that tells the court that you need to get the funds allocated to you from the judgment through fund garnishment.

Here exists an opportunity to access funds from the defendant’s bank assets.  You’ll need to file thee garnishee order and information forms in order to garnish that bank account.

Also, one can place a lien on the defendant’s property. This kind of judgment lien on real estate prevents the owner from selling their estate or refinancing it without paying off that lien.

How To Collect A Judgment From A Business

Our course shows you how to collect money from a business. It’s similar in many respects it is similar to collecting a judgment enforced solution from and  individual, and often lends to faster recovery since no business wants negative reviews online for their business.

Other options include identifying and accessing the defendant’s private property. Then having them sold at a sheriff’s public auction sale to satisfy the judgment.

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