You rented out a rental house out for a weekend as and Airbnb lodging to Joe. Apparently, he had an antifa type theme party! You checked out the premises and it was a disaster. Punched in walls, quartz counter top cracked, carpet destroyed. Psycho Joe and his friends completely trashed the place. The contractor who got it back into original shape charged you $10,000.

You contacted Joe and no response. You decided to take him to small claims court to get your money back. After filling out the paperwork your case was heard by the judge. Psycho Joe did not show up for the hearing and you won the case and given a default judgment.

30 days pass and the defendant Joe does not answer or appeal. You now have a clean small claims judgment in your favor for ten grand. The next week you contact Joe by registered mail, send him emails. Months go by with no response. What to do?

You call the county clerk’s office and they tell you there’s nothing they can do about getting psycho Joe to pay that civil small claims judgment. It’s up to you to process and collect that judgment claim!

Small Claims Judgment

You discover that a small claims judgment is a public record that is recorded in the credit record of the losing party (the judgment debtor). Since it is public record, you receive solicitations from bloodhounds seeking to recover those funds for you. The only rub is they will collect the money for you for 50% of the total judgment.

You Google “small claims recovery course” and you might discover that there is an inexpensive professional course that will walk you through collecting the money owed to you. The course is even guaranteed or your money back if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked. You’ll find that course here by clicking the top of page title Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Collections Course.

That 50/50 split was not bad for the small claim’s recovery agent, but for anyone else, unless they live out of state or have trouble following simple directions and filling out provide fill-in-the-blank forms that this course advertises, should take a serious look into what they can personally do to collect their own judgment collection problem.

Small Claims Processing And Judgment Recovery Course

This course addresses research you’ll need to do in an organized process timetable. With this course, you are trained to research for locating assets and any post-judgment recovery of interest and expenses you qualify for. These will be extra earnings you qualify for for extras and payment lag times.

With information recovery at hand, you know the culprit’s employer and can garnish the wages. You’ll have the form and instruction on how to exactly carry that out. Even the funds sought can be garnished from the bank account of judgment debtor using the garnishee information and disclosure form, the garnishee order and garnishee summons.

If the debtor has property, you can place a lien on that real estate. There is a problem if that debtor has other creditors with judgment liens.  You’ll have to wait your turn since the other creditors were in line first.

That debtor cannot sell or refinance their real estate unless that lien is paid off. Until then, you collect interest on any expenses incurred until that obligation is met.

small claims judgments

Claims Recovery Financial Services

With all that information on hand, you might be tempted to go into business as a side-hustle. The course provides all the information you’ll need to work out of your home at your own pace. All you need is a computer with internet access and telephone access. Since all your customers are in public record of having a civil judgment in their name, customer leads will cost you nothing.

You’ll have all the forms and instruction for database research on hand and no experience is necessary. The site says that expecting to earn $5,000 a month working part time is realistic. This is complete business course for a crazy low price. There are no upsells. Video training is included.

Investigating Small Claims Recovery Procedures

Even if you don’t use this course as a business, you’ll have a professional procedure to collect your small claims judgement. You’ll have the knowledge to win.

Access this training by clicking the top of page title Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Collections Course or click below for an amazing offer!

Judgment Collection