Small claims procedure begins by naming the defendant and obtaining their legal address. If it is a business, on needs to ascertain who the legal owner is for that establishment and the proper address of the registered agent who is in charge of accepting any legal papers for that business.

The proceedings begin in civil court by filling out the paperwork and forms which summons the defendant party to appear for a proceeding. For example, when the complaint of a lawsuit is received by the defendant they will be informed of the date and time the case is to be heard in small claims court.

At that time and date, the originator of the case, the plaintiff, can present all the evidence, legal contracts, agreements, invoices, receipts, documentation for work done or not done to solidify their case. If there is a compelling reason for the defendant to pay, a judgment will be awarded by the court.  The defendant is ordered to pay a certain amount to the plaintiff.

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Small Claims Assistance

The court only provides a judgment. It is not a collection agency. Responsibility for collection of the judgment fall on the defendant which gives them two choices. One, do it themselves or two, assign the task to a collection agency. 

If after about 30 days one does not receive their allotted judgment amount, there might be a problem. Almost all collection agencies will want a fifty percent fee for money recovered. Not a bad business to be in.

The other option is, to begin the collection process oneself. We strongly recommend getting the inexpensive course offered on the homepage of this site. This training course called Small Claims Processing & Judgment Recovery Course. It is professional done and it even comes with video instruction!

Small claims and judgment course comes with all the judgment collection knowledge you’ll need for filing petitions, asset location and database research for getting paid. Fill in the blank forms and judgment collection procedure for garnishing wages, bank account levies or lien on property owned by the defendant are made available in this professional course.

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Therefore, those with an entrepreneur spirit, if so motivated, might want to decide to pursue this as a part-time business. This work from home business provides about a $50,000 income working part-time. Above all, customer leads are free since all judgments are public record and thereby accessible to anyone. The inexpensive course offered on the homepage is your ticket.

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