Debt Recovery Business Isn’t Just For Entrepreneurs

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The financial debt recovery end game justice to those who are legally owned money is established by civil court litigation. It begins when the plaintiff brings his case of being “ripped off” to court, and makes his case. If he or she wins, a judgment is issued to them, however, the court does not enforce collections. That’s left up to the plaintiff.

Judgment Debt Recovery Services

All too often they don’t do anything about collecting that judgment and it lies dormant. Hopefully, the plaintiff has acquired our extremely inexpensive course Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Course thereby utilizing the collection process for themselves.

OR if they took the Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Course promoted on this website, they can get into the lucrative debt recovery business and are able to help others recover funds. This way their clients can recover lost assets and are thereby rewarded. The debt recovery business can be worked from home as a part time business.  Leads for new clients are readily available and are cost free.

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The Bigger Debt Recovery Picture – Rip-off Underpinnings

It’s hard to believe that with the United States with over $30 trillion in debt, and the number rising, that the U.S. was ever debt free. But it did happen once in 1835 when Andrew Jackson made provisions to pay off the debt completely after the U.S. got in trouble with Central Bankers.

Unfortunately, rather than pullup their bootstraps, these government “Civil Servants” turned into “rip-off the nation debt bondage” misgovernment by the Federal Reserve. Rather than living a financially responsible life, the financial agents of the  U.S. have hoodwinked  the country into a financial crisis. Those who are owed money are on the cusp of not getting paid.

Defrauding the public that would be an injustice in a civil court case. For example, if your car was damaged by a tow truck operator and you were rewarded a $3,000 judgment. As a plaintiff you have the right to collect that money and expect settlement. If the debtor is irresponsible or bereft of funds, the plaintiff will not collect.

The debt recovery system of the U.S. consists of entrusting debt collection to the Federal Reserve is similar. They have been entrusted with handling the national debt in a responsible fashion. Instead, they have devised a Ponzi scheme. There is no way they can pay back that $30 trillion public debt.

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