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judgment recovery business

The judgment recovery business thrives because when one is owed money and hasn’t been recompensed, there is the option of a civil judgment. However, if the plaintiff wins the case the court is not in the position of a debt collector. That project is left to the plaintiff.

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As such, there are two choices. Purchase our inexpensive course (complete with all the professional letters and scripts) or hire a debt collection agency who will charge you 50% of the money they collect.

Our Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Course is a professional course that allows anyone to collect the money they are owed.   ALSO, one can use the course to begin a very profitable work from home side business.

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This is a professional course, no skills needed, everything is provided (other than a laptop & phone service basics). It can be part time or full time depending on your schedule. 

At last, some protection for debtors regarding collection agencies charging off the wall fees for customer contact. Although this is just an “advisory opinion” it might become law … but don’t count on it. There’s a lot of special interests at play.

Civil Judgment Protection In The Wings For Debtors

“The Consumer Finance Protection Board (CFPB) issued an advisory opinion regarding the use of convenience fees, also known as “pay-to-pay” fees by collection agencies.  It is becoming increasingly common for collection agencies to charge a fee to the consumer for the convenience of making a payment via phone, even though in many cases it costs the collection agency less to handle these types of payments.

“Federal law generally forbids debt collectors from imposing extra fees not authorized by the original loan,” said CFPB Director Rohit Chopra. “Today’s advisory opinion shows that these fees are often illegal, and provides a roadmap on the fees that a debt collector can lawfully collect.” 

Chopra also emphasized that the absence of a prohibition of a fee by the CFPB does not make it legal; only fees specifically listed in the consumer’s loan agreement or specifically authorized in legislation can be applied to collections transactions.”CFPB Issues Advisory on Convenience Fees – PaymentsJournal  

Many victims who will a court ordered judgment are dismayed after they learn of the uphill battle they face trying to collect on the money that is due to them. The court ceases to get involved after the judgment is past on the plaintiff.

The debt recovery collection entrepreneur helps a victims recover money. Even if it is a part-time job, it pays exceptionally well. Check out the entire overview of this Civil Debt Judgment Recovery Course.

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