Why A Limited Power Of Attorney

Why a limited power of attorney form commands access ….

Similar to using a limited power of attorney authorization to collect an authorized judgment recovery for a client, look at property tax over-assessments. It’s a real problem in the U.S.

The property tax appeal business is an important and much needed, service, if not for yourself, for homeowners and businesses.  If one does not appeal an over-assessed tax, they are stuck with that unjust tax.

As a property tax consultant, you can help the many that suffer and need help. There is hardly any competition.

limited power of attorney

Limited Power of Attorney Conveyance Gives Freedom For A Client

A signed limited power of attorney permission from you client allows you to file property tax returns for named parcels. For instance, to receive assessment notices from the county taxing authorities and represent your clients’ best interests, use a limited power of attorney authorization.

Considering that experts assert that a 40 to 60 percent chance of over-assessment is a likely occurrence. Spotting likely candidates for winning property tax appeals isn’t hard.

Use our Limited Power Of Attorney Form. You’ll be the agent acting on behalf of your client. You’ll have the authorization to perform specific functions and execute your appeal strategy related to the appeal without contacting the account holder.

This power of attorney authorization helps value the client time so that your representation, not the client’s physical presence is allowed for going through the appeal process. However, that client may be living out of state, on vacation, hospitalized, unable to attend because of work obligations … etc. and needs your help.

 Property tax valuation is the same across the U.S. Similarly, it is based on market value: the value of equalized similar comparative homes sold as of a certain date. We show you how to get this evidence.

Unrefutably evidence allows for a defendable final valuation conclusion. Therefore, it’s a win, win.

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Market Valuation Appraisal Specifics

Property tax market valuations might be inaccurate when it comes to property real estate market valuation. Therefore, TRUE MARKET VALUE of any home and property is its market value as of a certain date based on sales evidence.

Furnishing your evidence, a sound opinion of value can be reached using appropriate reference material in an organized manner by anyone who has gone through the effort of gathering the facts.

There is absolutely no magic involved. All That is needed is evidence results in an honest conclusion. Only facts count and a logical presentation to confirm value is the end goal.

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